Our firm provides clients with comprehensive legal and strategic counsel on a wide variety of regulatory matters and astutely and vigorously represents their interests and advances their objectives before regulatory bodies.

The firm’s attorneys routinely represent clients in formal and informal proceedings before a wide range of governmental ministries and agencies, such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy, the Poultry Industry Board, the National Cyber Directorate, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Bank of Israel, amongst others. This includes representing clients before regulators at the very initial stages of the regulation formation to ensure that the their interests are taken into account when regulatory aspects have a potential effect on clients’ activity. Our team’s rich experience in the field of administrative law and litigation also enables us to successfully represent clients in administrative enforcement proceedings.

Drawing on our team’s robust multidisciplinary experience, we help our clients navigate, anticipate, influence, adapt to, and comply with, fast evolving regulatory landscapes. We closely follow and take part in legislative processes, advising clients on the potential impact of proposed legislation or regulations on their activity, assisting them in devising strategies to advance regulatory initiatives, and helping them prepare for anticipated changes in regulatory frameworks.

Our team provides clients with creative and practical solutions which mitigate risk, create opportunities, and empower businesses to thrive even under the most challenging regulatory regimes. This includes ongoing advice with respect to ad-hoc regulatory issues as well as developing compliance policies of many sorts, implementing internal procedures, providing legal opinions on complex and novel regulatory issues, devising training programs and more.

Our firm has gained particularly comprehensive expertise with respect to medical regulation, and regularly renders expert legal and regulatory advice to clients involved in the production, import, and distribution of medical products, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical cannabis, and more. The services we provide in this regard also encompass the implementation of, and compliance with, legislation and international standards, ongoing cooperation with regulatory authorities, the drafting of quality assurance agreements, the formulation of internal audit programs, the drafting of internal procedures, as well as the implementation of such policies and procedures.

In addition, we have many years of experience in supporting importers goods into Israel with respect to import and standardization regulation. This includes obtaining approvals, complying with standards requirements, meeting import regulatory standards, and more. In this context, our firm assists clients in obtaining various approvals for imported goods and representing clients before relevant authorities, such as the Standards Institute, the Ministry of Health, and more.