about us

The Law Firm of Abadi, Oiknine & Co. was founded by attorneys David Abadi and Michael Oiknine, after a long career and serving in leadership roles in one of the largest law firms in Israel, with the purpose of establishing firm that is innovative and unique in the Israeli legal landscape. The firm is home to professionals of the highest caliber who have traveled far together. The firm places the client at the center and provides them with solutions of the utmost quality, tailored to meet their needs, and based on deep familiarity and close relationships with clients.

The attorneys at Abadi, Oiknine & Co. have extensive expertise in multiple areas of civil and commercial law, including in representing clients in complex transactions, providing ongoing legal counsel, and in providing representation in litigation and dispute resolution procedures.


The firm’s corporate and commercial team has many years of experience in representing clients in a wide variety of agreements and M&A transactions, both domestic and international, including cross-border transactions involving foreign and multinational corporations, as well as providing ongoing counsel with respect to all fields of business and industry. The firm’s clients include ground breaking and industry leading entrepreneurs and companies from all sectors of business and the economy, including: high-tech, food, aviation, energy, gas and fuel, import and export, distribution, consumption, tourism, shared workspaces,commercial real-estate, computing and software products and services, medical cosmetics and aesthetics, alternative medicine, medical cannabis, mapping products and services, online commerce, supply chain management of chemicals and gases, construction waste recycling and more. As part of the firm’s representation of its clients, the firm provides counsel with respect to all relevant legal fields related to the specific transaction and to the client’s activities, such as privacy, data protection and cyber security, intellectual property law, labor law, competition law, and regulation.


The firm’s litigation team has extensive experience representing clients and managing complex civil and commercial litigation in a wide range of subjects and fields, such as: real estate, contracts, infrastructure and construction, corporate law, lawsuits regarding complex technological matters, and disputes involving complicated financial and accounting aspects, including shareholder disputes and corporate control battles. In addition, the firm’s litigation team specializes in representing clients and conflict management in the field of administrative law, including with respect to tenders and bidding proceedings related to infrastructure, regulation and communications, starting with the bidding stage, through procedures before tender and bidding evaluation committees, and representation in administrative petitions.