Our firm is involved in a variety of M&A transactions in a wide range of areas, such as: technology, , food, aviation, import and export, tourism, work spaces and complexes, fuel and energy, consumer products, online commerce, distribution, computing and software products and services , medical and cosmetic aesthetics, alternative medicine, medical cannabis, mapping products and services, chemical and gas supply chain management, construction waste recycling, to name but a few.

Our services include advice on all aspects of M&A transactions, commencing with structuring the transaction, through negotiation of transaction documents, performing due diligence, preparation of disclosure documents, consultation to the board of directors, preparation of shareholder communications, governmental filings and a variety of other matters required for the consummation of M&A transactions.

In the framework of M&A transactions our firm provides comprehensive legal services for all aspects related to M&A transactions, such as antitrust, intellectual property, labor law, and regulatory matters.

The firm’s lawyers have gained decades of experience in successfully supporting both foreign companies in their activities in Israel and Israeli companies in their activities abroad.

In managing these transactions, we employ a practical and business-oriented approach, together with deep comprehension of the underlying needs and expectations of all the parties to the transaction and provide personalized counsel that precisely aligns with our clients’ objectives.