Our intellectual property practice group is comprised of a team of experts with rich and extensive experience in all aspects of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, both in Israel and internationally.

We provide personalized service tailored to our client’s needs and represent local and international clients in legal proceedings and transactions related to protecting trademarks, designs, copyrights, trade secrets and patents.

We are active in various international and local organizations dedicated to the protection of intellectual property rights such as the Israel Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Committee, AIPPI, INTA and more. Our extensive experience and deep involvement in the field contributes to our unique expertise in intellectual property rights protection.

Our services include comprehensive guidance and advice regarding protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. We routinely handle various applications for trademark, design, and patent registrations for our clients, including international trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol. We also attend to registration renewals and maintenance when needed. Additionally, in cases infringement of rights, we represent our clients in legal proceedings to enforce their rights, including compensation for damages caused and ceasing the violations. Furthermore, we provide customized strategic advice regarding the most effective means to protect intellectual property assets both domestically and globally. In addition, we play a crucial role in assisting clients with transactions involving the transfer of ownership of such assets. Throughout the process we also represent clients vis-à-vis the relevant authorities, such as the Israeli Patents Authority and equivalent authorities in other jurisdictions, proactively ensuring the optimal promotion of our clients’ intellectual property interests.