The Litigation team at our firm has rich and extensive experience and expertise in representing clients in high stakes Commercial and Civil litigation in the scope of hundreds of million of NIS, and in a wide range of complex disputes, including in the fields of real estate, infrastructue, contract law and corporate law.

Our experience and experience were acquired through hundreds of appearances before a variety of judicial instances in Israel, including the Supreme Court, and in the context of mediations and arbitrations, including ICC arbitrations, as well as in the context of rendering ongoing advice to the firm’s clients in connection with a variety of Commercial and Civil disputes.

The firm’s litigation team excels in advancing sensitive and complex issues to the satisfaction of the firm’s clients, both within court and out of court. Their professional approach is based on complete mastery of all legal dispute resolution techniques, combined with an in-depth study of all aspects of each client’s activity. All from a broad perspective with providing appropriate emphasis to the variety of aspects involved, in the context of a particular litigation or in the course of providing ongoing counseling andlegal support.

The firm’s team has unique expertise in managing lawsuits involving complex technological projects and disputes with complicated financial and accounting aspects, including high stakes and sensative shareholder disputes.

The rich experience of our firm’s team together with its legal creativity and constant willingness to learn the unique needs of each client, its assertiveness while maintaining sensitivity and loyalty towards the client, make our firm’s team a true partner in facing ant complex challenge.