The firm’s team is highly experienced and skilled in representing clients and managing proceedings in the field of Administrative Litigation.

Our experience was acquired through numerous appearances before all judicial instances in Israel, up to the High Court of Justice, including in connection with tender procedures in the fields of infrastructure, regulation, and communication, starting from the stage of submitting proposals for the tender and through representation in administrative petitions.

The firm’s litigation team excels in advancing sensitive and complex issues to the satisfaction of the firm’s clients, both within court and out of court. Their professional approach is based on complete mastery of all legal dispute resolution techniques, combined with an in-depth study of all aspects of each client’s activity. All from a broad perspective and with providing appropriate emphasis to the variety of aspects involved, in the context of a particular litigation or in the course of providing ongoing counsel and legal support.

The rich experience of our firm’s team together with its legal creativity and constant willingness to learn the unique needs of each client, its assertiveness while maintaining sensitivity and loyalty towards the client, make our firm’s team a true partner in facing any complex challenge.