Wealth Management and Intergenerational Transfer

Our firm’s Wealth Management and Intergenerational Transfer Department provides clients with a wide range of services in the field, from financial and retirement planning to handling the legal aspects of transferring assets between generations, such as drafting wills, lasting powers of attorney, prenuptial agreements, intergenerational gift transactions, and more.

The department is headed by Attorney Tal Kaufman, who has over two decades of experience providing legal advice to leading companies in the Israeli economy, alongside extensive financial education including a pension license and financial planning studies. Tal’s unique background allows the department to offer comprehensive services that combine legal and financial expertise, tailored to each client’s specific needs.

The department’s clients include individuals, families, and family businesses from all sectors of the economy, both in Israel and abroad. For each client, the department’s team builds a comprehensive plan that takes into account their long-term goals, while addressing changing needs throughout life.

In the financial field, the department specializes in retirement financial planning, helping our clients ensure sufficient income after they stop working, taking into account existing assets, pension rights, desired lifestyle, and more. Additionally, the department offers comprehensive financial planning, aiming to maximize the client’s income, protect their assets, and achieve financial goals throughout life.

Furthermore, the department handles all legal aspects related to intergenerational wealth and asset transfer within the family. As part of the legal solutions it offers, the department specializes in drafting wills and lasting powers of attorney, ensuring that the client’s wishes are fulfilled, and insisting on precise legal wording to prevent future disputes. The department assists in planning family trusts, providing solutions for family members with special needs, and a variety of other creative solutions for efficient asset transfer while maximizing and preserving family capital in terms of tax aspects, management costs, and maintaining family integrity and actively preventing future conflicts.

The department’s approach emphasizes long-term personal service and support. By building an ongoing relationship with the client, the department’s team strives to deeply understand their needs, concerns, and objectives. This perception allows the department to provide clients with a comprehensive envelope of legal and financial support and guidance over the years, adapting the solutions to changes in their lives.

As a leading department in our field, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of service to our clients. Our team, led by Attorney Tal Kaufman, employs their full knowledge, skills, and extensive experience to provide creative and effective solutions to the most complex challenges in financial management and intergenerational wealth transfer. The reputation we have built and the positive feedback from our clients attest to our deep commitment to achieving the best results for them, while insisting on professionalism and reliability at every stage. With our close support and long-term assistance, our clients can feel confident knowing that their financial future and the financial well-being of their families are secure for many years to come.