Class Actions

Our firm provides guidance and representation to clients in class action lawsuits across various domains, including consumer protection, accessibility, insurance, banking, securities, environmental protection, employment, and more. Our team possesses unique expertise and experience in handling complex cases with far-reaching economic and legal implications.


We offer advice and representation at every stage of the process, starting from formulating the litigation strategy (including in response to warning letters received before filing petitions), through managing negotiations, submission of pleadings, preparation of expert opinions, and representation in court hearings. We act with determination and professionalism to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.


As part of our representation in class actions, our firm provides clients with comprehensive support in relation to all relevant legal aspects, in close collaboration with the firm’s various departments.


The attorneys in our Class Actions Department have extensive experience in managing proceedings in this intricate field which enables us to provide our clients with a broad strategic perspective and to effectively tackle all types of class action lawsuits.


When dealing with class actions, we adopt a practical and business-oriented approach, based on a deep understanding of our client’s needs and interests. We deliver comprehensive and tailored solutions to our clients, designed to protect their rights and minimize the legal and financial exposure inherent in these proceedings.